ValleyDAO Structure

ValleyDAO is an open, global community that collectively finances and democratizes the governance of synthetic biology technologies to enable an environmentally sustainable future.

ValleyDAO’s community and network provide support for synthetic biology research by following a structured process. Research projects are first thoroughly vetted through a due-diligence process and then put to a vote by the community. Projects that receive community approval are financed by the ValleyDAO community treasury. The intellectual property generated through funded research is sub-licensed to industrial partners or used to spawn startups with support from the ValleyDAO community. This not only helps in the development of the research but also generates profits that are returned to the ValleyDAO community treasury.

Members of ValleyDAO are all $GROW token holders, working group members (also known as ‘growth group members’), core members (also known as ‘original growers’ or ‘OGs’), members of the community, as well as any other natural or legal persons who are affected by or otherwise interested in ValleyDAO.


Core members are a group of individuals who play a key role in the management and decision-making of a DAO. They are responsible for overseeing the overall direction and operations of the organization, and for ensuring that the DAO is meeting its goals and objectives.

The ValleyDAO core members are individuals who have contributed significant work towards establishing and/or growing the ValleyDAO ecosystem. The current core members are Daniel Hussey, Morgan Richards, Albert Anis, and Hamza Qureshi.

There are two paths to becoming a member of the core group:

  1. Lead a working group.
  2. Make a substantial contribution to the expansion of the ValleyDAO ecosystem, to the point where a majority of existing core members believe that your inclusion is necessary.

An individual can be removed from the core group if a majority of the core members vote in favor of it.

The following are the responsibilities of the core members:

  1. General organization and task management
  2. General strategy and execution
  3. Advisory and scientific board management
  4. Legal strategy and compliance
  5. Fundraising and investor relations management
  6. Resource identification and relations management
  7. DAO governance, structure, and tokenomics
  8. Outreach and engagement

The core group is accountable to $GROW token holders, who have the power to define the scope of the core group’s decision-making authority and can alter it at any time through new governance proposals.

Working Groups

A working group is a group of individuals who come together to work on specific tasks or projects related to ValleyDAO. These groups are typically made up of members who have specific skills or expertise that are relevant to the tasks they are working on. Each working group is led by working group leads, who are responsible for determining the structure, operations, collaboration, and compensation of their respective working group, subject to approval by ValleyDAO members.

At the time of writing, current working groups and their functions are:

  1. Dealflow and Incubation (Leads: Daniel Hussey and Albert Anis)


  • Identifying and onboarding prospective research projects
  • Assessing technical validity and feasibility of scientific projects
  • Drafting proposals, budgets, and time-lines
  • Building an expert review panel pipeline
  • Managing investments, contracts, and terms
  1. Operations (Lead: Hamza Qureshi)


  • Overseeing the day-to-day operations of the organization.
  • Developing and implementing internal processes and procedures
  • Managing and monitoring the organization’s budget
  • Ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements
  • Supporting other working groups and teams
  • Managing the organization’s physical and virtual resources, such as subscriptions or equipment.
  1. Communications (Lead: Morgan Richards)


  • Developing and implementing the organization’s communication strategy
  • Managing and maintaining the organization’s website, social media channels and discord server
  • Building and maintaining the ValleyDAO community
  • Coordinating events and other public-facing activities
  • Media creation and Public Relations
  • Creating and managing marketing and branding materials
  • Providing guidance and support to other working groups
  • Monitoring and reporting on the organization’s external reputation and perception