ValleyDAO Treasury

ValleyDAO uses a Gnosis Safe multisig, with 6 trusted signers, with the following address:


Every transaction needs 3 out 6 signatures. The current list of signers and their addresses is as follows.

Albert Anis: 0xcB0b20A55e188eD52F1af694e2a3bCb9e81e3911

Dan Hussey: 0xEf98D918951FC451CBb62209B7C29A063Ba7D32E

Hamza Qureshi: 0x487707AeDAfE5Da0A4CF8151aB77ed114fa0104E

Paul Kohlhass: 0x45602BFBA960277bF917C1b2007D1f03d7bd29e4

Morgan Richards: 0x161447bb4c05d96EB1c7Bf91500Baf41C9929682

Vincent Weisser: 0xb0EeCb3a98Bc1963847A81ABFC8aCBA54527b96b

The multisig signers need a majority core vote to be elected and to be removed from their position.

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