VIP-1 Amendment: Token Swap

The principal aim of this amendment is to amend the GROW token allocation plan regarding the Token Swap. It seeks to remove the 4-year vesting term for’s GROW tokens to comply with the terms of the accelerator program and the token warrant issued from ValleyDAO to

Background & Motivation
The current vesting term for the Token Swap, a 4-year schedule with no initial unlock, is incompatible with the agreements between ValleyDAO and entered into as part of the accelerator program. It is essential to remove this vesting term to uphold ValleyDAO’s contractual obligations, promote a healthy partnership between ValleyDAO and, and foster a robust and dynamic ecosystem.

The amendment focuses solely on the Token Swap. will immediately receive 6.9% of the total GROW supply, in line with’s commitments and contributions, including DAO incubation, mentorship, and a $100k grant. No other GROW token allocations will be affected by this amendment.

Impact on GROW Token Allocation
The total GROW supply is capped at 100 million. This amendment does not increase the total GROW supply. The token allocation is 6.9% of the supply, totaling 6,900,000 GROW. This amendment does not increase the token allocation.

Compliance with Non-Tradeable Phase
This proposal provides with its allocated tokens, but it does not make GROW token tradable.

The implementation of this amendment, providing its allocated GROW tokens, should be executed upon approval.

Next Steps
This amendment will move to a Snapshot vote after 7 days on Discourse.

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Thank you for the well-detailed proposal. It’s critical to clarify for the community that this proposed amendment stems not from a unilateral decision but rather from a mutual misunderstanding that occurred between ValleyDAO and in the interpretation and the post-signing communications regarding the terms before the issuance of VIP-1.

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This proposal is on Snapshot