VIP-2 Amendment: Replace Discourse with Samudai for Phase 2 Governance


This proposal suggests we modify the VIP-2 governance framework by replacing Discourse with Samudai for the second phase of the governance process. This is a net value-add for governance because it simplifies and streamlines the decision-making process.


Samudai is an integrated DAO management tool designed to streamline coordination within DAOs. It offers a comprehensive platform for forum discussions, task management, DAO analytics, and calendar functionalities. To improve coordination, we at ValleyDAO have begun incorporating Samudai into the workflow.

The Proposed Amendment

ValleyDAO seeks to transition from utilizing Discourse as the Phase 2 governance tool to Samudai. More specifically, we propose that we use the Samudai forum for proposal discussion and voting instead of Discourse. The rest of the Phase 2 specifics, as listed below, do not change

  • Formal proposal phase
  • Duration: 7 days, barring significant revisions.
  • Passing requirement: Support from two working group leads and at least 10 DAO members
  • If a Phase 2 proposal does not reach quorum and/or does not receive enough confirmatory votes 3 months after it is first posted, it is voided.

The contributors can seamlessly participate in ValleyDAO’s phase 2 governance discussion and voting by connecting their wallet and Discord to the Samudai platform, creating a profile, and engaging in governance activities.

In the event that this proposal is approved, the amendment will take effect only after the ValleyDAO team has finished testing the Samudai platform.

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Alright, it’s good that there is the last sentence which points out that Samudai will replace Discourse after testing is completed.

Overall, good initiative. Go ValleyDAO :love_you_gesture:

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Yeah thanks for bringing up the point in the last line during our meeting, Themis

Good stuff!

My comments:
The governance proposal is not clearly outlining the potential risks and contingency plans of using a 3rd party tool like Samudai.

An example: We used to use Utopia for payment processing. Then out of nowhere they stopped their service and we had to find an alternative. My concern here is what happens if Samudai stops providing this service or goes bankrupt and has to seize operations?

The benefits with Discourse is that we own the data since we’re hosting our own copy of Discourse. Discourse for us will always be around as long as we’re paying our client-hosting fees.

What happens to our Governance history? Governance history is the most crucial information to store.

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Here, regular backups is a sound solution. The Samudai team might be able to make this into a feature within the platform, we are chatting with them at the moment. We’ll only move to Samudai when all testing has been done and when we are satisfied with how the platform functions overall.

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thanks for clarifying, you have my vote.

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